Pigeon kick scooter
Pigeon kick scooter

Car Repairs

Car Repair from Automaster

Worried something is wrong with your car? Our mechanics can carry out almost any mechanical or electrical repair on all makes and models of car.

Automaster fast fit services including batteries, exhausts and brakes to help get your car or van back on the road as quickly as possible.


Book a free check and we will diagnose the problem. Almost all parts can be delivered same-day.

  • Accident Repairs

Body Perfect is committed to providing customers with high quality crash repairs and customer care. If your personal car or company vehicle needs accident or cosmetic repairs we will be pleased to help.


  • Accident repair/Insurance repairs

‘You have the right to choose who repairs your vehicle’. Do not let your insurance company dictate the terms.

We deal with all insurance companies. We are experts in non-fault accident claims.

We take care to uphold our reputation for getting our customer’s vehicle back on the road by ensuring all vehicles are restored to their original condition of the highest standards.


  • Computer Diagnosis

Auto diagnostics

We have invested into state-of-the-art latest equipment and can assist with all faults.

There are a lot of everyday cars in today’s day and age that rely on computer technology or controllers. Such on board computers control the Engine, ABS, Traction Control, Climate Control, Instrument Clusters and much more. It is estimated that approximately 20% of manufacturing cost of a vehicle is due to its electronics, wiring and relating systems.

Therefore it is very important for technicians to make accurate and fast diagnosis. With auto diagnostic it means we are able to carry out these tasks accurately and consistently saving you, the customer, in costs.

We are confident enough to say our equipment allows us to work on all vehicles, thus enabling us to read any fault codes, identify any engine management issues and diagnose accordingly.


  • Exhaust & Catalytic Converters

we have more than the required experience to check and fit exhausts. Surprisingly, exhaust systems are one of the most hard working parts of your vehicle. Whilst the engine is running it is constantly in use. All vehicles registered after 1993 a catalytic converter is fitted.


  • Clutch & Brakes

Free brake check service. We supply and fit best quality brake parts at highly competitive prices.

Our technicians can diagnose and rectify most brake faults.
Same day service on all brake fittings.

We supply and fit best quality clutches, clutch cables and clutch adjustments.
Same day service at the most competitive prices.






Pigeon kick scooter
Pigeon kick scooter
Pigeon kick scooter